We are here to help you with your digital needs, from creating websites for departments, programs, or institutes, to setting up databases to manage complex information structures.

Service offering

We offer the following support for Arts faculty and staff:

Content management systems

  • Consultation – Providing an overview of the various content management systems that are available for Arts faculty and staff, as well as some considerations for using third party tools and guidance on current best practices
  • Setup – Creating new websites and providing access
  • Training – Providing one-on-one or group training on how to create and maintain content for the web
  • Troubleshooting – Fixing any incidents or issues you may be having with using our web templates

Arts website templates

We provide website templates for instructor, departmental, or conferential uses that are either for external-facing audiences or internal-facing audiences. We built all of our templates on WordPress, an open-source, user-friendly platform with rich features and common amongst the UBC community.

Our templates provide Arts departments, schools, and programs with the means to facilitate student and faculty recruitment, communicate with the UBC community, and support alumni relations, all while unifying the look of the Faculty of Arts’ online presence and are responsive and user-friendly.

If you wish to collect payments online for event registration, one-time fees, and other use cases, you can connect your website to UBC Digital Payments.

Our templates:

  • Are built using WordPress
  • Are easy to maintain
  • Are hosted at UBC and supported by Arts ISIT
  • Provide consistent appearance and user experience across different Arts websites
  • Leverage additional customizations, plugins, and features to meet your needs
  • Are free of charge

External-facing websites


UBC content management system (CMS) is available to all faculty and staff within Arts.

Arts CMS 

Arts content management system (CMS) is currently available to larger Arts departments and requires an Arts ISIT project team to set up. However, an Arts CMS template will be coming soon and will be available to more Arts units.

Internal-facing websites

Arts Internal Resources 

Arts Internal Resources (AIR) is a secure site available to all units within Arts to host internal-facing content and forms. Access can be restricted to specific individuals or roles and requires campus-wide login (CWL) for authentication.

UBC subdomains

If you want to create a domain for your UBC-affiliated website or web application, Arts ISIT can support creating and mapping UBC subdomains (e.g., for Arts faculty and staff.

Our domains:

  • Help improve search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Provide a connection with the UBC brand
  • Prevent domain hijacking and spoofing of domains by hackers and spammers
  • Are hosted in UBC’s enterprise-class data centre and supported by the university and Arts ISIT
  • Are free of charge

  • Before requesting a new UBC subdomain, consider whether or not a dedicated domain is necessary or if the information can be hosted on an existing website.
  • To qualify for a UBC subdomain, your project must meet the criteria outlined in UBC’s requirements and guidelines for UBC subdomains. Consider whether or not a faculty (e.g., or department-level subdomain (e.g., may be more appropriate.
  • Only use UBC subdomains for websites or web applications directly tied to the university and not for personal sites or initiatives that do not maintain a strong connection to the university.

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