Digital Payments Program (TouchNet)

Collect payments using credit cards or Interac Online for products, events, and other services with the payment system TouchNet to process financial transactions online.

Connect to your TouchNet merchant account by setting up a uStore, a platform designed to sell products or by using the Digital Payments Program (DPP) plugin in a UBC WordPress website through the use of gravity forms and/or the Shopping Cart plugin.

TouchNet has replaced ePayment/CBM as UBC’s primary digital payment solution and all ePayment/CBM users were migrated over in Fall 2023.


Through the Digital Payments Program, you will be provided with a TouchNet merchant account that you connect to a uStore or UBC WordPress website to sell your products. View key features and learn more about which product selling option fits your requirements.

TouchNet key features

  • Facilitates digital payment transactions across all UBC campuses
  • Securely deposits payments to UBC Workday Finance accounts
  • Manage and view transactions through a TouchNet’s dashboard
  • Process refunds and returns to inventory
  • View reports (revenue, totals, taxes, transaction details, etc.)

Product selling options

You can sell your products online through the following options.


  • Touchnet Marketplace’s native store front management tool
  • Standalone application
  • Has mobile app option
  • User friendly interface
  • Low set-up time

UBC WordPress website

  • Connect to TouchNet merchant account with Digital Payment Program plugin (installation and set up with Arts Service Centere are required, see Arts ISIT Resources section for more information)
  • Products created using either or in combination:
    • Gravity Form plugin
    • Shopping Cart plugin (optional, recommended for selling 10 or more products, training required)
  • Website management
  • Medium to high set-up time

Arts ISIT Resources

The following steps will guide you through requesting for a TouchNet account and ensuring that you are receiving payment for your sales.

Decide on which platform to sell your products from. Refer to the section “Features” above for more information.

If you would like to sell through a UBC WordPress website, but you do not already have one, you will be required to request one to be created on UBC CMS.

For both uStore and UBC WordPress website options, you will need to complete a “New Store Intake” form and submit it to the DPP team.

The following link will take you to a page with a video tutorial on how to fill out the form and the contact email.

It’s recommended that you create a test product first to check with Arts Service Centre in the next step.

  • uStore: Create products in the store
  • UBC WordPress: Create products via Shopping Cart plugin and/or Gravity Forms plugin

  1. Connect your TouchNet merchant account and GL information
    1. uStore: The DPP team will assist you with setting this up
    2. UBC WordPress: The DPP team will work with Arts ISIT to set this up
  2. Contact Steven Lee from the Arts Service Centre to ensure that your account information is connect properly and receiving payments. They will also ensure that any required fees such as GST and PST are being accounted for.
  3. Once confirmed, you can create the rest of your products and begin collecting payments.

Additional Resources


If you have any questions about the program, your options or how to fill out the request form, contact the Digital Payments Program team.

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