In-Person Course Delivery

In-person courses are defined by a sequence of synchronous, in-person learning activities that are often on a regular schedule.

At Arts ISIT, we provide resources, tool support and consultation for creating in-person courses tailored to your teaching needs.


In-person courses can include blended, flipped or technology-enhanced approaches. In addition, online tools and resources augment or enhance the learning while the course remains fundamentally in-person. You can provide some flexibility for accommodating students, but in-person attendance is generally required to complete the course.

In addition to traditional face-to-face teaching models, the in-person mode of delivery also includes technology-enhanced approaches that leverage online resources and activities but do not significantly alter the requirement for presence on campus.


There are many ways you can deliver an in-person course. For example, you could use a flipped classroom approach where students meet with you in-person three times a week but watch videos and complete activities online before class to provide more in-class time for active learning and discussion.

Explore how some of your peers have approached the in-person course delivery.

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