Our Team

Arts ISIT is made up of various teams that work cohesively to provide technological services and support to the Faculty of Arts community.

Vision, mission & values

Our vision

Build a collaborative environment of technological innovation that engages with and anticipates the distinctive needs of faculty and staff and enables the strategic delivery of the Faculty’s goals.

Our mission

To empower faculty and staff by providing exemplary support and connecting them and their community with technological solutions.

Our values

We are guided by our core values to provide excellent, tailored, strategic, inclusive, collaborative, integrative, and innovative support.


Dedicated to providing exemplary support that is timely and effective


Passionate about enabling the success of faculty and staff by using in depth knowledge and relationships to anticipate and deliver ideal solutions


Focused on those areas that effectively deliver the greatest value to the faculty in meeting its strategic goals


Dedicated to providing friendly, approachable, and accessible service to a diverse community with distinct needs


Committed to fostering collaboration and partnerships across the faculty and the university


Creating an environment that takes an integrated and holistic approach to supporting the technological needs of faculty and staff


Enthusiastic about engaging with faculty and staff to explore new methods and ideas when it comes to technology and how it can be used

Portfolios & functional units

Within Arts ISIT, we have various portfolios and functional teams that all work together to manage and support all of Arts ISIT’s products and services and provide exemplary support to Arts.


Our operations team is the first point of contact for all of Arts ISIT services, supporting the escalation and resolution of all incidents and requests received from Arts faculty and staff.

IT & AV Help Desk

First point of contact for all of Arts ISIT’s services, supporting audio visual services, computer services, learning space support, email, messaging, collaboration, and more.

Learning Centre

First point of contact for instructional support services, including learning technology support and course delivery and design consultations.

Service Strategy & Design

Our Service Strategy & Design team provides support for the planning, design, implementation, improvement, and retirement of products and services supported by Arts ISIT.

Systems & Development

Tier 2 support for internet and network services, web services, and learning technology support. Provides technical expertise to design, develop, deliver, and support unique Arts-specific products and services.

Digital Strategy

Supports Arts ISIT’s ability to engage with its clients, create service awareness, communicate important notices and service changes. Provides expertise in digital content strategy, information architecture, and user experience (UX) to support the development of new products and services and continual service improvement initiatives.

Service Portfolio

Maintains the portfolio of services supported by Arts ISIT, including defining and analyzing new potential services, reviewing existing services, maintaining service documentation, and supporting the successful retirement of discontinued services. Maintains the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) backlog and leads initiatives to improve processes, workflow, and overall service quality.

Project Administration

Provides project management and business analysis support. Maintains the project portfolio, prepares project documentation, and manages projects and initiatives in Arts ISIT from initial planning to implementation. Provides administrative support to Arts ISIT, including finance and purchasing, human resources, facilities, and health & safety.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Our Data Analysis & Reporting team supports strategic decision making related to curriculum, learning, and administration through the development and delivery of data analytics solutions.

Learning Analytics

Supports strategic decision making both in Arts ISIT and for the Office of the Dean through data analysis and reporting. Hosts a data warehouse and relational database that pulls data from a variety of sources including Workday, Workday Student, and Student Experience of Instruction to create data products, such as reports, tools, or dashboards, that are available through Arts Tableau.

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