Multi-Access Course Delivery

In multi-access courses, learners may participate in the course either in-person or online throughout the course, based on how the instructor designs the course.

At Arts ISIT, we provide resources, tool support and consultation for creating multi-access courses tailored to your teaching needs.


Courses offered through a multi-access mode of delivery where students have the flexibility to participate online or in-person will need to determine whether they will hold assessment activities and final exams online, on-campus or in both environments. There are a lot of advantages to these flexible learning environments for students, however, there are some considerations.


  • Teaching multi-access courses can be time-consuming for instructors to learn the technology and navigate the cognitive load of managing a classroom with in-person and remote students.
  • Allowing students to choose where they would prefer to take their exams (online or on campus) may lead to concerns about consistency or fairness.

If you are teaching a multi-access course, please contact Arts ISIT before the term to ensure you have the support and training you need to ensure the technical setup is working for you.


Here are a couple of examples of how you could deliver a multi-access course to your students:

  • A course where all the class sessions are streamed, and students can attend the same session in-person or online.
  • A distributed cohort program where students in a remote cohort join the class online. These cohorts may interact with each other during class through chat or video conferencing tools or online through asynchronous communications.

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