Internet, Network & Servers

Arts ISIT offers several Internet and network system services for Arts departments, units and programs, including domain management and virtual servers.

Service offering

We offer the following support for Arts faculty and staff:

Virtual servers

We can provision virtual servers for custom applications on a cost-recovery basis.

  • Consultation – Provide an overview of hosting solutions available and provide recommendations based on desired outcomes
  • Setup – Setup virtual server and provide access (this does not include support for any custom software or additional installs)
  • Troubleshooting – Fixing any incidents or issues you may be having with using virtual servers
  • Decommission – Turn-off and delete virtual server upon request

Domain management

We offer support for UBC subdomains and IP addresses for Arts servers, websites, and web applications.

  • Subdomain registration – Facilitating the creation of UBC subdomains according to university guidelines and requirements, and point newly created domains to target IP addresses
  • SSL certificate – Obtaining SSL certificates to allow for the secure exchange of information to and from website visitors

Internet and network access

We offer support for Internet and network access, including wireless and port activation, VLAN changes, and virtual firewalls.

  • Wired Internet – Proving support with wired Internet and ensure all the drivers and ethernet cables are in place
  • Wireless Internet – Providing support with wireless Internet and ensure all the required actions are in place to ensure an active Internet connection
  • Port activation – Providing management of an authorized set of networks for a department or faculty
  • Virtual firewall – Providing support for the opening of application ports
  • VLAN changes – Providing support for VPN or a group of computer networks

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