Non-Credit Courses

At Arts ISIT, we offer comprehensive support in the development of non-credit courses by leveraging our expertise in pedagogical design and technical implementation.

Support for developing non-credit courses

Our dedicated staff can assist you with support and consultation as you develop your non-credit courses. We will help you design your course and determine your audience and type of learners. Explore our support in pedagogical design, video lectures, production and proposal development.

Pedagogical design assistance

  • Collaborative guidance in designing the course structure and format to enhance learner engagement.
  • Support in developing effective assessment strategies and exploring assessment options suitable for non-credit courses.

Video lecture design and production

  • Advice on designing impactful video lectures and exploring production alternatives.
  • Assistance in utilizing the technical features of edX for an interactive learning environment.

Production support

  • Practical assistance in producing sample video lectures and optimizing course materials.
  • Support with editing and formatting content to deliver a polished learning experience.

UBC non-credit courses on edX

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