Arts Content Management System (Arts CMS)

The Faculty of Arts developed Arts CMS, a content management system template incorporating the common needs of Arts units, digital best practices, and user feedback.

Arts CMS adopts a user-centred and data-driven approach to site design and content strategy, aiming to support user, unit, and faculty goals while ensuring consistent navigation and user interaction across devices.


Arts CMS is a content management system based off of UBC CMS and uses WordPress as the platform.

Tailored to the strategic needs of the Faculty of Arts, Arts CMS was developed with unique features, including:

  • Easy to use content management system
  • Engaging visual design that aligns with the Arts visual identity
  • Flexible design modules that can be easily placed throughout your site using shortcodes
  • Custom post types with unique features for news, events, courses, and profiles

Arts ISIT Resources


If you would like further support on Arts CMS, please connect with us to learn more about the tool and its capabilities.

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