It is our aim to co-create value through working collaboratively with Arts faculty and staff on initatives such as tool and technology development, workshops, and use case stories and resources.

The UBC Arts community is one of the most dynamic and versatile across the university. We believe collaboration and knowledge exchange is integral for innovation and building a community within Arts. We invite you to participate, submit ideas, and provide input for our various collaboration opportunities.

Projects & Innovations

We support the design, development, and strategy for your custom websites and web applications. Access recommendations, explore past projects, or submit a request for your own custom solution.
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Technology in Action

Explore real use cases of how your colleagues in Arts are using technology and we encourage you to submit your own experiences to share.
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We host in-person and online workshops that facilitate learning on pedagogical topics, teaching technologies, websites, and more. Co-host or participate as a panelist to share your experiences.
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Our newsletter contains technological updates and insights every month to all Arts faculty, staff, and teaching assistants. Submit your content related to technology to be shared.
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