We offer the Arts community tailored services by understanding your unique needs and supporting you in a way that is effective and meaningful.

We help you navigate the complex and ever-changing world of technology so you can focus on your goals.

We also provide easy how-to-use guides and offer workshops and training for the various tools available to you.

Teaching & Learning Strategies

Explore the wide range of services and tools offered by Arts ISIT to help you facilitate your teaching and enhance the learning experience for your students.
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Encourage student engagement by integrating multimedia into your teaching and learning practices.
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Learning Spaces

Arts faculty, teaching staff, and students have access to a range of adaptable and functional learning spaces across the Vancouver campus.
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Computer Hardware & Software

From procurement to troubleshooting and optimization, we offer comprehensive computer hardware and software that best meet your specific needs.
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Email, Messaging & Collaboration

Effectively communicate and collaborate with faculty, staff, and students using email, instant messaging, and other collaboration tools.
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Internet, Network & Servers

We offers several Internet and network system services for Arts departments, units, and programs, including domain management and virtual servers.
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Websites & Web Applications

Explore website, web applications, and other web functionality services available to you.
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Technology Borrowing

Borrow equipment for a class, event, meeting or multimedia project from our extensive library of audio and video equipment, free of charge.
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Data Analytics & Reporting

Explore our data analytics and reporting services, including encompass analysis, reports, setup and orientations, consulting on existing data and solutions, and data analysis support.
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