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Elevate your teaching or administration with Arts ISIT’s pedagogical and technical consultation services and enhance your digital presence and administrative efficiencies with our custom web solutions.

Custom teaching and learning solutions

Arts ISIT offers pedagogical and technical consultation for all Arts faculty members to assist you in exploring and integrating technologies and new ways of designing learning experiences into your teaching practice.

We offer pedagogical design, web development, training, and tool support. Our learning design and educational technology team works closely with various groups on campus, such as the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), IT Services and UBC Library, to help coordinate the right type of support services to meet the needs of your project.

We also consult and advise on the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) and other funding proposals.

We support you by providing:

  • Consultation to help you decide the best approach and tools for creating your website
  • Consultation to explore the different options for designing a course site and guidance for setting up and structuring your site
  • A design template for your course site where you can then add your content and materials
  • Web application development services for custom-built applications
  • Set up assistance for complex course sites that have a lot of content
  • Training and support to teach you and your team how to use the various tools available and how to best add content to your course site

Support examples

GRSJ 224

The GRSJ 224 flexible learning project’s objective was to develop course content as a template that could be reused for both blended and online delivery. To enhance students’ engagement and experience, we developed and designed a template using HTML and CSS that optimized the environment to deliver the material well-presented and easily customizable.

Custom graphics, such as icons and a PowerPoint slide interface, were created to add visual appeal and organize content to make it easier for students to read course materials. The Wiki assignment instruction page provides an example of the page design and custom graphics created for the project.

Other examples

We support you by providing:

  • Consultation on incorporating videos into your courses
  • Provide media capture, live streaming, and event recording support

Support example

One component of the “Your Chinese learning, your way” project included creating a collection of student-created dialogue videos, which can be used as supplementary language materials for all CHIN101/103 courses. Students were asked to submit a script as part of their homework, and Arts ISIT worked with the students and instructor to help produce the video. We assisted in planning the videos, directing the shoots, filming, and editing the final videos. We utilized the green screen and applied a different backdrop for each skit’s scenario. We were also able to assist in searching for commercial-free images, designing graphics to emphasize the Chinese dialogue and adding Chinese, PinYin, and English subtitles for each video.

Support example

For the linguistics flexible learning project, Arts ISIT and CTLT partnered to provide an evaluation workshop for the project team to facilitate the initial evaluation planning and prepare to develop an evaluation plan. Following the workshop, we met with the teaching and learning fellow and instructors to provide more direct feedback and guidance as they developed their evaluation plan.

Custom digital solutions

Arts ISIT can help support the design, development, and content strategy of custom websites, databases, and web applications that meet your needs. Based on the nature of your request, Arts ISIT can provide recommendations, connect you with relevant support units on campus, or develop in-house solutions based on available resources.

Our team will work with you to gain an understanding of your goals and objectives. We'll provide an overview and comparison of available technological options, evaluate potential options, and provide recommendations based on desired outcomes, along with estimates for cost, resources, and time (if applicable).

Based on your goals and objectives, we'll review your content and propose recommendations for content organization and hierarchy.

Our team will provide recommendations on using images, colours, fonts, and other elements to optimize interaction and achieve desired outcomes.

We'll establish infrastructure and architecture and implement deliverables per functional and non-functional requirements.

Our team will establish evaluation metrics based on your goals and objectives, facilitate the collection and analysis of data, and provide recommendations for future improvements.

We'll provide one-on-one or group training on interacting with custom solutions and utilizing them effectively.

Solution examples

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