Computer Disposal

Arts ISIT can help you dispose of your electronics. Whether you are thinking about recycling or donating them, we are here to help.

Safely dispose of electronic equipment

Computer and electronic equipment should be ethically discarded to prevent environmental contamination and landfill hazards. They should not be thrown away with your regular garbage.

To help you safely dispose of your electronics, Arts ISIT offers a recycling service for your equipment and hosts a year-round cellphone and battery disposal station in Buchanan C113.

Recyclable equipment at Arts ISIT

  • Used PCs and laptops
  • Used Mac desktops and laptops
  • Printers
  • Monitors (LCDs and CRTs)
  • Computer peripherals (e.g. keyboards, mice, cables, power cords, speakers, etc.)
  • Network equipment (e.g. hubs, switches, routers, etc.)

Arts ISIT is not responsible for recycling the following element. Please find alternative options for the disposal of:

  • Televisions
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Instructional booklets, papers, and other materials
  • Consumer electronics (e.g. microwaves, toasters, ovens, heaters, etc.)
  • Furniture (e.g. chairs, tables, desks, etc.)

Donating computers and electronic equipment

If you have old computers or electronic equipment you no longer need, it may still be helpful to someone else in the faculty.

Arts ISIT can evaluate old hardware to see if it can be redistributed to other staff and faculty members. If your equipment is still functional and not too old, bring it to the Help Desk, and we can take care of the rest. We appreciate all donations.

  • Desktop and laptop computers manufactured within the last two years
  • Tablets manufactured within the last two years
  • LCD monitors that are 21″ and above
  • Monochrome or colour laser printers manufactured within the last two years

Price my computer

This tool will help you determine the value of your computer. With that in mind, you can choose to donate it or to recycle it.

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