Data Analytics

Arts ISIT offers comprehensive data analytics services for the Faculty of Arts, encompassing enrolment statistics, specialization trends, student demographics, and Student Experience of Instruction (SEI) survey responses, among other factors.

Our team specializes in creating tailored reports to address specific requirements of individual departments or the Dean’s office. These reports typically have a limited lifespan and typically do not necessitate regular data updates or maintenance.

Our data analytics and reporting services are primarily offered to the Arts Dean’s Office, department heads, administrators, and faculty and staff engaged in administrative processes (such as program chairs and undergraduate directors upon approval from department heads).

Service offering

We offer the following support for the Dean of Arts Office and heads, directors, and chairs:

Data analytics

  • Consultation – Meeting with clients to discuss their requirements. Provide options, evaluate if this request can be fulfilled through existing solutions available and decide if a new report is required to address the need
  • Development – Design, develop and publish new analysis

Upon request, we can offer specialized support beyond the standard Arts data reports available on Arts Tableau. These tailored reports provide targeted and customized insights.

Data analysis

We provide dedicated support in analyzing various types of data, such as enrolment patterns and grading practices. Our team can assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of trends, identifying improvement areas, and making data-backed decisions that optimize outcomes and resources.

Data analysis within the scope of teaching and learning projects

Our team offers specialized data analysis support for teaching and learning initiatives, including undergraduate program renewal and evaluation projects, curriculum review and renewal, and the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF). We work closely with you to uncover valuable insights, assess outcomes, and enhance the overall educational experience within the Faculty of Arts.

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