Video Recording

Enhance your teaching and engage students by integrating videos into your courses.

At Arts ISIT, we provide training, support, and consultation for creating videos tailored to your teaching needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video creator, we offer guidance on equipment selection and what best strategies and options are for incorporating videos into your courses.

For support with media conversion and digitization, please contact the UBC Library.

Self-produced videos

Arts ISIT offers reliable video production consultation and training services to help you create high-quality content. Consult with us to learn about the various software, media equipment, and facilities you can use, as well as the training and support available.

If you have work-learn hires available, we can train them to equip them with the skills, equipment and tools needed for filming and editing videos.

Externally-produced videos

Event recordings

If you are interested in recording special presentations, colloquiums, faculty hiring sessions, or other departmental events, Arts ISIT provides two options for recording events.

We offer equipment and training if you prefer a do-it-yourself approach. You can set up the equipment yourself, and once you're done, return it to us. We will then upload the video to a UBC streaming server.

If you would like professional assistance, our skilled AV technicians can help you set up and initiate the recording session for your events. After the recording, we will handle the upload of the video to a UBC streaming server.

Please note that we can only accommodate one shoot at a time due to limited availability. Submit your request as early as possible to ensure prompt support for your recording needs.

Submit your non-lecture recording support request by contacting us.

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