Arts ePortfolios

Help students take their learning beyond your course by connecting academic experiences with professional opportunities.

UBC Arts ePortfolio is a website authoring tool that offers a structured template for students to curate a collection of academic work to showcase their learning, skills, and achievements.

By developing an ePortfolio, students can create connections across courses and disciplines, bring their experiences outside of the classroom in conversation with their academic work, and feel more confident in their professional development.


Arts ePortfolios offers features that assist students in organizing their experiences with meaningful outcomes.

Benefits and outcomes

  • Creativity – ePortfolios offer a rich media environment for students to display their work
  • Voice – addressing a broad audience enables students to write clearly and naturally
  • Reflection – reviewing a record of their activities helps student internalize core concepts
  • Personal insights – ePortfolios make visible to students changes in their thinking over time
  • Professional development – students can demonstrate their learning for potential employers
  • Course connections – students apply their learning from one academic context to another
  • Integrative thinking – students see their academic and co-curricular learning as a whole
  • Student centered – connecting life experiences to academic work makes learning more meaningful

Key features and functions

  • Developed on WordPress
  • Custom template structured specifically for ePortfolios. Sections include: about, activities, collections, courses, skills, experience
  • Activity posts have a “General Learning Significance” field to capture private notes of reflection about an experience
  • Each CWL account is provided with one ePortfolio website.
  • Students can create website addresses ending with
  • Automatically generates Arts course categories for students to associate with activity posts. Courses from other disciplines can be added manually
  • Customization options include: choosing from two home page designs, inserting your own banner image or video, editing site colours
  • Websites can be public or private

Arts ISIT Resources

Make the most of UBC Arts ePortfolios for your course. Arts ISIT offers support guides, examples of student ePortfolios and stategies to help you scaffold and create an impactful experience for your students.


If you would like further support on Arts ePortfolio, please connect with us to learn more about the tool and its capabilities.

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