Arts Internal Resources (AIR)

Enhance collaboration and information sharing by creating an Arts Internal Resources (AIR) website where access can be controlled by your department and can act as a knowledge base and intranet.

AIR is a platform that allows each Arts unit to create a secure website that controls who can access what content, and is not accessible through search engines. AIR is not a file storage solution, but can be used to collect personal information (for example, during faculty searches) and unit-specific information (for example, internal processes and documentation).


Similar to your unit’s main external-facing website (Arts CMS or UBC CMS), AIR is on WordPress and uses similar pages, posts, forms, and more, but with an addition of increased privacy and security features.

How other units use AIR:

  • Host application forms that collect sensitive information (e.g., lecturer positions, scholarships, minor/major programs)
  • Coordinate feedback from committees on job or program applications
  • Present department-specific welcome information for new faculty
  • Announce monthly meetings and share meeting minutes
  • Store confidential documents, such as internal policies, training guides, and forms
  • Make internal announcements that are archived in a central location

Arts ISIT Resources

Make the most of your AIR website by reviewing our training website and workshop resources to help with maintaining your AIR website.


If you would like further support on AIR, please connect with us to learn more about the tool and its capabilities.

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