iClicker Cloud

Engage with students and stimulate discussion with real time questions.

iClicker Cloud is an online student response system that allows you to collect and grade responses instantly during a class and is fully supported and integrated with Canvas.

Integrating iClicker Cloud questions into your teaching can increase student engagement, check on their understanding of course material, and track attendance. Students can participate using their own mobile devices, laptops, or an iClicker remote (optional).

iClicker Cloud is accessed through a web-based application that allows students to instantly provide answer questions. Once the application is downloaded and you set up an instructor account, create an iClicker Cloud course to get started.

  1. Create a question (multiple choice, short answer, true false are all accepted)
  2. Students respond with mobile device, laptop, or remote
  3. See and record results instantly
  4. Display results to promote discussion


Instantly collect and grade responses to questions during a class session, which students answer using their own computer or mobile device. Some features include:

  • iClicker Cloud is free for UBC users
  • iClicker Cloud is fully integrated with Canvas
  • Responses can be uploaded directly into Canvas to track understanding and participation
  • iClicker is verified by UBC’s Privacy Impact Assessment process
  • iClicker questions can be displayed on any application (from PowerPoint to Word)
  • Students have the option to use their own mobile devices, laptops, or iClicker remote to respond to questions

Increase the level of student engagement in a large enrolment class through the intentional design of questions and activities that require student responses. Use iClicker to:

  • gauge the level of knowledge of the students at the beginning of class or provide accountability for completing out of class readings or online work
  • gauge how the level of knowledge has changed as a result of class activities
  • determine the distribution of views of students on a topic, or a case study to stimulate discussion
  • use clickers to administer short quizzes to reduce marking
  • discuss problems with classmates to encourage peer learning

Although most iClicker Cloud data is stored in Canada and complies with FIPPA, names and email addresses students use for their accounts will be stored outside of Canada, so students may wish to use a pseudonym and anonymous email address when signing up.

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If you would require further support on iClicker Cloud, please connect with us to learn more about the tool and its capabilities.

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