Upload and organize your videos in Canvas with this integrated media management system.

Kaltura is a web-based media management system that can be accessed through any Canvas course by all faculty and student users with a CWL account. It can be used to record and share videos to Canvas courses and is equipped with a captions service and editing tools to apply basic annotations and create video quizzes.


Kaltura’s integration with Canvas makes it easy for instructors to share media with students and create activities such as discussions and video assignments for students to share their videos with the course.

  • Upload and manage any size video/audio files to “My Media”
  • Share your video/audio through Canvas “Media Gallery” or embed them within any item that has a rich content editor (pages, discussion posts, quiz questions, etc)
  • Record screen, webcam, and audio, separately or together with Kaltura Capture and make simple edits or insert questions with Launch Editor
  • Create practice quizzes (multiple choice, true or false, reflection point) for students to reinforce their knowledge at key points in the video
  • Increase accessibility by adding captions to your videos. They can be ordered within Kaltura and have quick turnaround times

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If you would like further support on Kaltura, please connect with us to learn more about the tool and its capabilities.

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