Record, edit, and produce screencast videos from your desktop.

Camtasia is an all-in-one screecast recorder and editor software that allows users to easily create professional videos. Drag and drop transitions, callouts, images and more to enhance and emphasize the contents of your video projects.

UBC offers a campus-wide license available to all Faculty, Staff, and students.


Camtasia makes it convenient to record and edit videos with features and functions that produce quality results.


  • Select the area of the screen to record, and start and stop recording at any time
  • Audio can be recorded while screen-capturing is underway, which enables live narrating for demonstrations or presentations
  • Completed screen captures are imported automatically into the Studio Editor for editing


  • Multimedia objects of various formats can be imported into the editor to arrange, stack and incorporate on the video timeline
  • Edit, enhance and highlight portions of the video using tools such as pointers, cursors, text boxes, and animations
  • Import various types of multimedia, including green screen footage and images
  • The created video can be exported to common video formats such as MPEG, WMV, AVI, and Flash


  • Insert quizzes into videos at different points in time to increase viewer interactivity, using either multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions
  • Export the project as a SCORM package to use as an assignment within an LMS, such as Canvas

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If you would like further support on Camtasia, please connect with us to learn more about the tool and its capabilities.

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