Lecture Recording for Instructors


Lecture Recording for Instructors


Seamlessly record lectures and share them online.
Lecture capture provides a streamlined solution to capture, upload and share your lectures online. Key lectures or guest presenters can be easily recorded and posted online for students to review later or be used as a resource for future terms.  We have classrooms available with built in lecture capture devices as well as portable equipment that can be moved to different rooms.

We offer three options using our Mediasite system:

Built-in Classroom Capture

Built-in Classroom Capture

Certain classrooms are equipped with a built-in lecture capture system, which allows for automated scheduled recordings. You can pre-schedule ahead of time when you want your lectures to be captured.

Desktop and Mobile Capture

Desktop & Mobile Capture

The desktop version of the MediaSite system allows you to capture a video by using your computer or mobile device. The video is uploaded directly to the Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform, which includes a web-based editor for doing simple edits such as cropping/cutting videos and adding/deleting slides.

Event Capture and Streaming

Event Capture and Streaming

We also provide capturing services for special events such as guest lectures or presentations, using a portable lecture capture appliance.


  • Captures full video and audio as the lecturer presents
  • Records the visual content (such as PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) displayed on the presentation screen
  • Instructors can provide a link to the presentation for online viewing after class
  • Students can toggle between different presentation views
  • Presentation can be configured to allow for live streaming

Video/Audio Recording

If you would like to record or create audio/videos yourself, we offer a variety of equipment and software to assist you.

  • Record Your Own Lectures
    • Instructors can book equipment from the Arts Helpdesk and record their lectures themselves in the classroom.
  • Create Your Own Videos
    • Instructors can utilize different video/audio production software such as Camtasia, Snagit, and Videoscribe to produce their own videos. For more information about DIY videos, click here.

Browse our equipment inventory to see the list of audiovisual equipment we have available for instructors!


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