Internal Websites for Private Information

Create websites that can only be accessed by your department.

Arts Internal Resources (AIR) is a platform that allows units to create private websites, which means that they can only be accessed by members of their unit and not by the general public or search engines. Departments can then store internal information in one central location, reducing the need to send emails with confidential data. Just like your departmental website, AIR uses WordPress, which means you don’t have to learn a new web platform. Posts, Pages, Events, and Gravity Forms are all available right away with AIR.

AIR is different from AdminFiles, Workspace, and other existing programs because it is not a file storage service. AIR is an internal website that should only contain information for your unit or be used to collect personal information. It should not duplicate information that is already on your public departmental website, nor should it store public information.

Currently, only departments can apply for AIR websites.

How do other units use AIR?

  • To host application forms that collect sensitive information (e.g., lecturer positions, scholarships, minor/major programs);
  • To coordinate feedback from committees on job or program applications;
  • To present department-specific welcome information for new faculty;
  • To announce monthly meetings and store minutes;
  • To store confidential documents, such as internal policies, training guides, and forms;
  • To make internal announcements that are archived in a central location.

How do I get started?

Request a consultation using the form below to see if AIR is right for you.