Wikis for Administration & Policies

Ideas and Strategies for Using Wikis


Collective editing of research, policy, or public web documents.
Wikis provide a simple way for groups of people to build shared resources and collaboratively edit documents. They can be a powerful tool for group projects or building a knowledge base over time.

What are Wikis?

Wikis are a simple and collaborative space for groups to publish material online. Anyone can edit any piece of content. All revisions are documented and saved, so it is easy to see who made which changes. There is also a discussion space for each page, where editors can explain revisions or work through disagreements.

Compose and Edit

Compose & Edit

Work collaboratively to create, edit, and publish content.



Revise or add to existing content developed by others.



Utilize the discussion space to pose questions and start conversations with the community.



Take a look at the revision history to see how the content has evolved over time.


  • Wikis allow for open editing and access and is an effective way to have people work collaboratively.
  • People can work together asynchronously, without having to schedule face-to-face meetings.
  • A record of the revision history is created each time a page is edited, which means users can easily revert back to a previous version.


  • Since anyone can edit, content can become disorganized if not properly managed.
  • Wikis have a special mark-up language for editing, which requires a slight learning curve.
  • In order to view and edit content, Internet connectivity is required.


Some of the tools that are commonly used by instructors at UBC include: Connect Wiki, UBC Wiki, and Wikipedia.

  • Connect Wiki is a tool that is available inside the Connect learning management system and can only be viewed and edited by users registered in the course.
  • UBC Wiki is UBC’s version of MediaWiki, which shares the same platform as Wikipedia. Content is viewable to the public, but editing is restricted to users with a UBC Campus-Wide Login account.
  • Wikipedia is a free, web-based encyclopaedia that is collaboratively written and edited. Wikipedia can be viewed and edited by the public (except in limited cases where pages are protected).

Tool Features

Connect Wiki UBC Wiki Wikipedia
UBC CWL Authentication
Public Viewing and Editing
Commenting and Discussion checkmark checkmark checkmark
Track Revision History
checkmark checkmark
Embed Wiki Content to WordPress checkmark checkmark checkmark
Use of Wiki Mark-up checkmark checkmark checkmark
Print/Export Wiki checkmark checkmark checkmark
Convert Content to PDF checkmark checkmark checkmark

UBC Wiki Tools

Connect Wiki
UBC Wiki

Non-UBC Wiki Tools