As UBC’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), myVPN provides an encrypted and secure connection through the use of Cisco Anyconnect when connecting to public internet networks.

This is especially important when you are working and accessing sensitive data remotely as third party network connections (ie: free wi-fi at a coffee shop) can track your activities and make use of your data.


MyVPN is easy to connect to and uses features through Cisco Anyconnect to keep your data secure.

How it works

  • Download and install myVPN
  • Connect to myVPN
  • Connect to an available internet network
  • Start browsing. Your information is safe

Key features

  • Encrypted connection
  • SSL based VPN that allows access to UBC resources through firewalls
  • Required for some UBC services and resources when off campus

Additional Resources


If you would like further support on myVPN, please connect with us to learn more about the tool and its capabilities.

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