Request or Modify a FASmail Account

Request a FASmail Account

Personal Accounts

If you have been hired at UBC and you have associated your Employee ID with your Campus-Wide Login account, you will automatically have access to personal FASmail services. Your account can be accessed through web or desktop applications.

Generic Accounts

If you would like to create a generic FASmail account, you may use the self-serve Web Request Form below or contact Arts ISIT. For an overview of the services available through FASmail, see “What is FASmail?” or go directly to the web form.

Modify a FASmail Account

Arts ISIT can help you make modifications to your FASmail accounts. For example:

  • Increase your FASmail mailbox storage quota.
  • Set aliases to your FASmail accounts.
  • Add and remove other users to an existing FASmail mailbox.

Contact us using the form below for further assistance.


I can’t log in to my FASmail account. What should I do?

  • If you have recently updated your CWL password, verify that you are entering the correct one into the web or desktop application. Trying logging into UBC My Account to verify your credentials. If you use your browser’s auto-fill feature, manually re-enter your username and password in case the browser’s credentials are outdated.
  • When you stop working at UBC, you will automatically lose access to your FASmail. This may also occur when there is a gap between a previous position and an upcoming appointment. Your department can choose to extend your access beyond your formal appointment. Contact your department administrator to request an extension.

I’m not receiving any emails. What’s happening?

  • Your mailbox may be maxed out. Delete any emails with large attachments that may be taking up your storage space, then try again. If this fails, contact Arts ISIT for a mailbox increase.