Online Teaching Tip: 10 FAQs for the 2020W2 Start of Term


Q1. How can I check if the Canvas site is set up for all my Winter Term 2 courses? 

A1. When logging into, course(s) will show up as Course Card(s) on the Dashboard or in the “All Courses” list in the Courses Tab.  If you do not see your course(s) listed, contact Arts ISIT by filling out the form on our contact us form. 


Q2. How can I copy content from one of my previous course(s) into winter term 2 course site(s): 

A2. Arts ISIT can copy the content of previous semester courses into current ones. Contact Arts ISIT by filling out our contact us form and let us know which courses or materials need to be copied over. 


Q3. How can I use the Arts Remote Teaching Template? 

A3. For more information about the template or instructions on how to import it into your coursevisit the Arts ISIT Remote Template Page It is best to import the Arts Remote Teaching template into your course before you import previous term course content.  For more tips, be sure to visit our Teaching & Working Remotely resource page 


Q4. How can I merge two separate sites (e.g. cross-listed courses)? 

A4. Send an email to and let us know which courses need to be merged/cross-listed.  It is best to merge before setting up Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR). But, if LOCR has already been requested under the original courses, resubmit your LOCR request for the newly merged course(s). For assistance, visit thLOCR information page.


Q5. What do I do if my TA(s) need access to my course(s)? 

A5. Once your department timetable representative (T-Rep) has entered your TA(s) into the SIS system, they will automatically have access to the course on January 4, 2021.  TA(s) cannot be added to courses before this date for the 2020W2 term. Check to see if your TA(s) already have access to your Canvas Site: 

  • Go the People tab in your Course Navigation menu. 
  • If you do not see your TA(s) listed, please contact your T-Rep.  
  • If you do not know who your T-Rep is, please check this Full List of T-Reps.
  • To help your TAs get ready for remote teaching, please let them know that Arts ISIT has TA focused workshops and ensure they self-enrol on the TA Community Forum in Canvas. 


Q6. How do I grant my GAA(s) access to my course(s)? 

A6. Send a request for GAA access to and specify: 

  • The courses GAA(s) need to access 
  • GAA campus wide login (CWL) 
  • The reason that access is needed and what activities they will be performing in the course. 
  • The date GAA access should end.

Let your GAAs know that Arts ISIT support and webinars are available to them as well, and we are looking forward to connecting with them through TA focused workshops and ensure they self-enrol on the TA Community Forum in Canvas.

Q7. Where can I access information about different learning tools that can help me teach remotely? 

A7. Arts ISIT webinars can guide you through the use of synchronous and asynchronous technologies and explain how they can enhance remote learning in your courses. For a complete list of workshop offerings, click here.  You can also read more about available tools, technologies and resources on the Arts ISIT website: 


Q8. How can I check that my Canvas course is ready for students?  

A8. Use this Canvas Content Checklist as a guide to ensure that your course is ready 

  1. Check that the following have the correct availability and due dates: 
  2. Assignments 
  3. Quizzes 
  • Discussions Modules and content pages have been published (made visible to students.) 
  • The Gradebook default Grade Posting Policy is set to Manually Post Grades so grading activity is not automatically visible to students (default setting) 
  • Publish your Canvas course so that students will be able to access it on Monday, January 11th.  
  • Ensure that lecture sessions in Zoom or Collaborate Ultra have been scheduled and unlocked, and that students have been notified of where to access them through Canvas Modules, Homepage an email or Canvas Announcement. 


Q9. Which video platform should I use on Canvas? 

A9. Consider that Collaborate Ultra is scheduled to be discontinued by the end of the 2020W2 term so now would be an excellent time to transition to Zoom for your synchronous course lectures.  Arts ISIT will be offering a workshop on how to use Zoom on January 11, 2021. Register now 


Q10. Is there any pedagogical support for instructors to help develop meaningful and impactful activities/assessments in a remote teaching environment? 

A10. Request a learning design consultation from our experts on the Arts ISIT Contact Us page