Meet Chris Jung

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Chris Jung

Job title

Educational Technologist


He, Him, His


Learning Centre


What year did you begin to work at Arts ISIT?


Describe what you do at Arts ISIT

I help the UBC teaching team use media and technology as a pedagogical tool for their courses. This can mean introducing instructors to new technology, assisting them with developing course content, or helping them solve a problem.

What is the best thing about the work you do at Arts ISIT?

I am always meeting new people with brilliant ideas who are passionate about art and education.

What are your areas of expertise?

My expertise is in education, media, and design. I have a diverse professional background that spans engineering, fine arts, web design, and now education technology.

Which services does your work relate to?

Please list some related projects/tools/resources you work on

  • I lead ISIT workshops for various learning tools.
  • I consult on the creation and design of UBC Blogs, Wikis, and CMS site.

Can you share some of your personal interests or hobbies?

I am big into visual art like painting and new media. I create giant paintings using hot sauce, coffee, and masa harina.

On the flip side, I also build interactive media installations using cameras and microphones to make animations and music. I teach painting and media at Emily Carr University and at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster. I focus on finding creative ways to use coding and electronics that are engaging and fun.

I love vintage arcade games and RPGs, which influence a lot of my creative output. These days, it’s difficult to spend hours completing Zelda or Final Fantasy, so I mostly steal a half hour here and there playing a little Mario or Street Fighter.