Integrate peer evaluation into group work or team based learning activities.
iPeer is an online application that allows instructors to create and manage peer evaluations for group projects or activities. It is integrated with Connect and the Connect group tool, making it easy to set up peer evaluation activities for student groups from within Connect.

Three types of evaluation formats are available within iPeer:

  1. Simple Evaluations: A set number of points is established by the instructor and then students evaluate each group member’s contribution by distributing these points across the group
  2. Rubrics Evaluations: Students evaluate group members based on specific criteria established by the instructor
  3. Mixed Evaluations: Students can evaluate group members using a combination of the two previous evaluation formats

How can iPeer help me?

iPeer is helpful to enable opportunities for peer evaluation as a part of group activities or assignments. iPeer is different from other peer evaluation systems in that it focuses evaluations on set groups of students instead of randomly assigning evaluations anonymously to different students in the class. For collaborative group projects or activities, it is often difficult for an instructor to assess individual student contributions. Peer evaluations through iPeer can help by allowing students to evaluate the contributions of their fellow group members. Making the criteria for evaluation known to students from the beginning of the assignment helps to encourage active group participation, cooperation and contributions from all group members.


  • iPeer provides a way for students in groups to evaluate each other and integrates with the group tool in Connect.
  • Peer evaluations in iPeer work well with collaborative group projects and team based learning.
  • As an instructor, the tool allows you to download evaluation results to your computer for review or analysis
  • You can schedule and send out automated email reminders for peer evaluations within iPeer.


  • iPeer does not provide a mechanism for managing assignment submission or evaluation of individual student assignments.
  • iPeer is limited to peer evaluation in groups and does not work as well to facilitate peer assessment in large classes for individual student assignments.
  • There is no training phase incorporated into iPeer evaluation


  • iPeer is integrated with Connect and works with the Connect groups tool to manage students enrolled in each group.


  • Before setting up the iPeer evaluation, make sure to create your groups in Connect and assign group members so students are properly added to the groups in iPeer. Also, it is a good idea when setting up any group activities to assign membership after the add drop date has passed so that group membership will not need to be adjusted.
  • Use group evaluations in iPeer as a portion of the grade for collaborative group assignments or team based learning activities. Peer evaluations help to provide an assessment of how each team member performed in the group.
  • iPeer is better suited to assessing student contributions within group projects or activities rather than having students evaluate the individual assignments of their peers.

Getting Started

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Q: Can I create create groups on iPeer?
A: Yes, iPeer has the ability to manually create groups or generate groups based on survey responses. Please refer to the instructions here.