How to Set Up and Troubleshoot Your Printer

Arts ISIT provides support on setting up and troubleshooting local USB or departmental network printers. We can also offer advice on what printers to purchase.

Setup Services

  • Printer purchasing advice
  • Local USB printer setup
  • Departmental network printer setup
  • Secure departmental network printers from unauthorized access

Troubleshooting Services

  • Locating and clearing paper jams
  • Replacing toner
  • Troubleshooting software or driver issues

Please note that we are unable to perform mechanical repairs on printers, but are willing to try on local printers as long as we do not void the vendor warranty. If you have a hardware issue with a Xerox printer, we can request for a Xerox technician to be dispatched.

If you have any questions or concerns about your printer, message us through the contact form below or visit us in person.