DIY Video Approaches


DIY Approaches


Use videos in the classroom or online for your course to add another dimension to teaching.
Videos can enhance student experiences by bringing lessons to life, sparking conversations, and by providing additional resources for students to learn from at their own pace and time.

Ways to Integrate Videos into Your Course

  • Record lectures to repeat what was taught in class. Follow-up with a self-assessment to ensure student understanding of the materials covered.
  • Flip your class by recording lectures for students to view before class to make way for in-class discussions and activities.
  • Create supplementary videos to accompany lesson plans or weekly modules as resources for extended learning.
  • Provide instructional videos on how to execute an assignment, project or activity.
  • Record Vlogs to prompt student discussions or to address weekly discussion questions and highlights.

Recording Software and Devices


Camtasia is a screencast recording and editing program developed by TechSmith. UBC has acquired a campus-wide license, free for all instructors and students to use.

  • Record a screencast of your computer desktop to display a presentation or demonstration
  • Option to include yourself in the video recording
  • Record a separate audio file
  • Add text and callouts to your video in post-production using the included video editing software
To download a copy of Camtasia: Log into and click on “Resources” located on the top navigation menu to obtain the license key and a link to the download page.


iPad with Playback App:

Playback is a free app that you can download from iTunes for the iPad. Playback is a screencast recording software that allows users to include dynamic annotations and audio commentary with their presentations.

  • Write, sketch and type over a virtual whiteboard or presentation
  • Switch between a full screen presentation and a small “talking head” screen of yourself
  • Produces .mp4 files that can be sent directly to your email or DropBox
  • Portable, videos can be created anywhere easily
Limitations: Only accepts PDF files, does not include a built-in post production program, users will need to supply their own iPad.

PowerPoint with Audio

PowerPoint is known widely as presentation creating software; however it has the ability to record your slideshow as a video.

  • Record a simple PowerPoint slideshow all in one program
  • Option to include audio commentary
Limitations: Function not available to Mac users.

Wacom Tablet

Include pen drawings that overlay your presentation by attaching a Wacom Tablet to your computer.

  • Screencast with Camtasia while you draw directly on presentations through any program that is compatible with the Wacom Tablet (example: PowerPoint)

Tips and Suggestions

  • Choose a well lit space.
  • Consider possible background noises and distractions when choosing a place to record your video.
  • Prepare a script if you plan to include audio.
  • Be concise. Visualize and storyboard your video prior to recording.
  • If it is a long recording, consider splitting it into smaller clips for easier viewing
  • Record your video at a resolution of  1280 x 720 minimum to ensure viewing quality across different platforms and devices

Getting Started