Media Storage & Cataloguing


Arts Image Repository


Effectively upload, store, and organize media files online.
Create secure, centralized media libraries of images, videos, and/or audio clips for users to access online. Add tags, assign keywords, and categorize files for easy organization and browsing.

How can I use media repositories?

Media repositories are ideal for uploading and displaying files from large collections, such as libraries, museums, archives, and exhibitions. Images, videos, audio, multi-page documents, and presentation slides can be combined and rearranged to create a robust and engaging online library. You can organize arrays of course materials, digitized collections, or scholarly archives using simple web interfaces and organizational structures.

How do they work?

After uploading your content onto the repository, you can organize them into Exhibits on your site. Each Exhibit has a particular sub-topic or theme, and within it are Sections and Pages that allow you to further organize your site content and customize the display. The individual records can be complemented with additional data, such as titles, descriptions, tags, and citations. Site visitors can search for a specific artifact name or browse items by tags. You decide if the collections are visible to the public or to a custom group of people, and home pages can be enhanced with special sections on Featured Items, Featured Collections, and/or Recently Added Items.

Key Features

  • Organize items into collections and exhibits;
  • Tag items and exhibits with keywords;
  • Customize submission notification settings;
  • Add additional features via plugins;
  • Familiar blog interface.


  • Organize a large number of different files types into sections and sub-sections;
  • Easily add metadata (sources, descriptions, etc.) to uploaded items;
  • Extensive search function;
  • Customizable privacy levels, layouts, and themes.


  • Uploading multiple items at once requires use of a spreadsheet (.CSV) template or import plugins;
  • Establishing the site’s organizational structure with outlines or flow charts should be completed beforehand.

Getting Started

Message us through the form below or visit us in person to see if online media repositories are right for you.