Create customized forms and scan effortlessly at no cost.
FormScanner offers robust capabilities for multiple-choice testing. Its easy-to-use interface and extensive customization options allow users to create specialized test forms. It is an effective tool for test analysis and quick, easy grading.

How does FormScanner work?

FormScanner is a multiple-choice assessment tool that is available to Arts faculty and staff. Open-sourced and free to use, the application is a fast and updated alternative to Scantron grading products. Rather than using pre-made forms that require prior ordering and delivery time, users can utilize the built-in test creation tools in the program to customize and print out their own forms. Templates and examples are available from the Arts Learning Center or on the FormScanner website. After the scanning process, instructors can look through the student responses and customize how they want the questions to be graded. Finally, FormScanner offers intuitive analytic tools to produce reports of student answer distributions and overall class performance.


Create customized forms, print, and distribute it to students.

Scan and upload completed exams.

Analyze and adjust responses with an integrated analytic tool.

Export grades onto spreadsheets and upload onto Connect.


How can FormScanner help me?

FormScanner is an effective multiple-choice testing tool that can be used to create customized forms and process them quickly, saving valuable time in the scanning and grading process. It allows users to print and scan their forms from any printing and scanning machine, rather than requiring the rental of specific grading equipment. In addition, grades and results can be easily uploaded into the Connect Grade Center via spreadsheets that the program can produce. The software also provides extensive analysis on multiple-choice testing, including data such as the class median, answer distributions, question rating and discrimination, and upper and lower quartiles of scores.

Key Features

  • Completed forms can be scanned into the software using any scanner and personal device
  • Form templates can be printed from any printer and personal device
  • Forms can be customized using built-in tools
  • Extensive test analysis options
  • Multiple test version marking
  • Grades can be transferred into Connect via spreadsheets
  • Grading process can be customized, such as allowing multiple responses for a single question


  • Cost effective multiple choice testing tool
  • Powerful test analysis capabilities
  • Intuitive interface
  • Saves time for grading
  • Effective feedback for answers
  • Analyzes students performances in relation to set learning objectives


  • Not integrated with any existing tools at UBC, meaning that the application needs to be installed and set up separately
  • For full functionality of the tool, users will need access to a printer and scanner, as well as software such as Excel for producing spreadsheets of grades and analytics
  • FormScanner Application is currently unavailable for Mac OSX

Getting Started

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Instructor Guide and Best Practices

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