Canvas Peer Review




The Canvas fully integrated, internal Peer Reviewing tool makes implementing peer feedback into assignments effortless.

Peer Review in Canvas is enabled through the Assignment creation page with a few simple clicks. It can be used for any Assignment type including text, document, audio/ video and website URL submission, as well as for Group Assignments or Discussions. Additional features, such as anonymity settings and Rubrics ensure peer feedback is given honestly and effectively. The Canvas Peer Review tool also allows instructors to supervise the feedback process, provide their own comments, see which students have completed their Peer Reviews and reassign or remove assignment reviews.

 Key Features

  • Reviews are assigned automatically or manually.
  • Anonymous settings at both the level of the student doing the review and the student being reviewed.
  • Reviewers can provide feedback to student submissions through comments viewable by the student and instructors.
  • Reviewers will only be able to view their own comments on peer reviewed work.
  • Reviewer comments can be viewed through the assignment details in the course Grades.


  • Instructors can create Rubrics for peer review assignments on Canvas, which students can use for peer grading.
  • Students have the option to respond to submissions with text, video or audio comments.
  • If an assignment is submitted as a PDF or Microsoft Word document, students can also use the annotation tools that instructors have access to in the SpeedGrader.


  • Canvas will not automatically assign late submissions for peer review.
  • There is currently no way to set a deadline by which peer reviews need to be completed.


  • If instructors would like to give students the option to use annotation tools, set the assignment submission options so that only .pdf, .doc, and .ppt file types are accepted.
  • For group assignments, instructors will need to make sure that the Group Assignment option is selected in the assignment settings, as this option cannot be changed once students submit their work.
  • While Canvas will only automatically assign peer review to students that have submitted their assignment on time, instructors can assign late submissions for peer review by clicking the “Assign Peer Reviews” button.

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