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Create simple forms, surveys and polls along with customized e-mails, all for free.

The simple interface of Contact Form 7 allows the easy set-up and creation of website forms to collect instant feedback from site visitors. The system’s numerous options, including drop-down menus, radio buttons and checkboxes, ensure that you get the information you need from your audience.

How does Contact Form 7 work?

Site administrators activate Contact Form 7 through the Plugins section of their UBC Blogs site Dashboard. This will add the Contact section to the Dashboard menu, allowing you to start creating forms and embedding them into webpages. Enter your email to receive automatic notifications when a form is completed and submitted.

How can Contact Form 7 help me?

Contact Form 7 allows you to create multiple types of forms, surveys and polls that collect feedback from website visitors. These can be customized to fit any purpose, including RSVPs, suggestions for course improvement or keeping track of food preferences for an event.

Key Features

  • Choose from several options, such as radio buttons, checkboxes or file submissions.
  • Options to change the look of submission fields using custom CSS.
  • Personalize submission notification settings.
  • Ability to duplicate forms, avoiding the need to manually re-create similar forms.
  • Use the populated fields to customize the automated emails sent after form submissions.


  • Create forms within your UBC Blogs site and easily embed them into your pages.
  • Simplified interface makes accessing options effortless.
  • Visitors view the form within your website, rather than having to click on external links, increasing the likelihood of them filling the form out.


  • No simple drag-and-drop feature for form fields; form fields are created using tags.
  • Database is not built in, as each entry is sent to the form creator through email.

Getting Started


Feedback Surveys

  1. Site visitors fill out form anonymously, inputting their feedback about service satisfaction into the answer fields.
  2. The form creator then receives a customized email with the inputted field information, helping them to better understand visitor feedback and experiences.

Room/Venue Booking

  1. Site visitors fill out and submit a form with contact information and the room or venue they wish to book.
  2. Emails are then sent to the form creator to notify them of which rooms or venues visitors would like to book.

Teaching and Learning

Question Authentication

  1. The instructor sets up a form with fields for simple text field responses. The form is submitted only after the visitor gives the correct answer.
  2. The instructor then receives emails only from students who submitted the correct answer. This can be used for grading purposes or simply to filter out unwanted submissions.

Assignment/File Submission

  1. Instructor sets up a form with a file submission field, specifying the accepted file extensions (e.g. DOC, PDF). Visitors submit their file inside the form.
  2. The instructor then receives an email with the uploaded file.

Polls/Course Feedback

  1. Students fill out form anonymously, inputting information into feedback fields set up by the instructor.
  2. An email with the feedback responses is sent to the instructor.
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