View Course Evaluation Results

There are two ways to view course evaluations results, in: 1) TeachEval, or 2) CoursEval.  TeachEval will allow you to view and publish your UMI results, while CoursEval will allow you to view your UMI results plus the results from the remaining survey questions (faculty and/or departmental), including student comments.

Key Features

  • Results can be printed or downloaded as a .pdf
  • Access on and off campus
  • Secure access using your CWL login
  • Mobile friendly

Getting Started

Course evaluation results are typically released the month after final exams.  The reason being that the results can only be released once the majority of instructors have submitted their final grades.  Once the results have been released, you will receive a notification email from Arts ISIT with detailed instructions on how to view your results.  Past results (for previous terms/sessions) can be viewed at any time, in either TeachEval or CoursEval.


Logging In

Once you login with your CWL credentials on the CoursEval website, you should see this page:

Course Evaluation - Viewing Guides - 01

The course evaluation homepage will display any active (open) surveys, and/or surveys that have closed within the last 120 days. You will also be able to see the response rate and the closing date.

Note: If a survey is still active, these numbers may change daily.

From the top-level navigation bar, click on “Reports”. You will then have three reports to choose from, each of which is described in further detail below.

Recent Reports

Course Evaluation - Viewing Guides - 02

Similar to the homepage, Recent Reports will provide you with a summary of your most recent reports. To view a report, simply click on the “View Report” button.

Evaluation Reports

Course Evaluation - Viewing Guides - 03

The Evaluation Reports option will allow you to view all of your past course evaluation reports since 2008. These reports will include both instructor and course questions.

It is important when searching for reports to ensure that all of your filters are set to “Show All”. This will ensure that a complete list of reports presented. To view your report(s), simply check the box(es) to the right of the survey details and click on the “View” button.

Individual Reports

Course Evaluation - Viewing Guides - 04

The Individual Reports option is similar to the Evaluation Reports option in that it will display all past course evaluation reports since 2008. However, it separates the reports by Instructor and Course question types. In addition, reports will include graphical elements for numerical results.

To view a report, simply click on the graph or .pdf icons located to the right of the survey details. Similar to the Evaluation Reports option, it is important to ensure that all of your filters are set to “Show All” to ensure that you are seeing the complete list of all of your past online course evaluations.


How can my students access their surveys?

Students will receive an invitation to complete their surveys once the surveys have opened, and will also receive periodic reminders until they have either completed their surveys or the surveys have closed.  If for whatever reason, they do not receive it, they can complete their surveys simply by logging into CoursEval at  If the survey for your course is not listed, please have them contact us at

For additional FAQs, please see the Student Evaluations of Teaching (TeachEval) website.

I did not receive a notification email from Arts ISIT.

Each term, contact information from HRMS in downloaded into the CoursEval system.  In order to ensure that you receive our emails, please ensure that your email address is up-to-date in HRMS.  This information can be updated by logging into the Faculty and Staff Self-Service website.

For additional FAQs, please see the Student Evaluations of Teaching (TeachEval) website.


I cannot find the results for my course on the CoursEval homepage.

Closed surveys will only appear on the homepage for 120 days.  However, at any point, you can access any of your surveys by clicking on the “Evaluation Reports” option that appears when you hover your mouse over the “Reports” tab from primary navigation bar.  Note: Please ensure that all filters are set to “Show All” prior to searching for your results.

I cannot find the results for all of my course, even when all of my filters have been set to “Show All”.

Results for specific course sections you taught may not be available for a number of reasons. If not all of your grades have been submitted, then the results for those particular section(s) will be blocked from your view. Once submitted, please contact us at and we can unblock those section(s). Alternatively, the results may not have been released yet. Results are typically not released until one month after the surveys have closed (to provide sufficient time for grading); once released, an email notification will be sent out to all instructors and TAs. If neither of the above scenarios apply, please feel free to contact us at any time.

I do not have the option of choosing “Evaluation Reports,” and at the top of the screen it says “UBC Students.”

This often occurs when you have both teaching and student roles within CoursEval (even if you are no longer an active student).  If this occurs, please contact us at


When I login to TeachEval, I see the results for some of my courses, but not all of them.

Similar to the above example, this can occur if not all of the grades have been submitted for a particular course.  To view and publish (optional) the results for all of your courses, please ensure that all of your grades have been submitted, then contact us at