Tracking Absences, Leaves, and Vacations

What is the Personnel Absence Tracker (PAT)?

The Personnel Absence Tracker (PAT) is an online platform that manages staff vacations and leave requests, currently used by over 10 faculties and many Arts departments.

The system is fully integrated with UBC job families—such as CUPE 116, CUPE 2950, Management & Professional, and other non-union support—and connects to employees’ Campus-Wide Login accounts. This allows PAT to automatically assign accurate leave balances and types based on employment groups.

How does PAT work?

  1. The employee logs in using their CWL credentials and submits a request for vacation, sick leave, or conference time.
  2. At 11:45pm, the main supervisor receives an email of all leave requests from that day. This email is only sent if a request has been submitted by an employee.
  3. The employee receives an email once the request has been approved.

Employees can…

  • See approved vacations for all employees in their unit;
  • Submit vacation and sick leave requests;
  • Review their current vacation and sick leave balances;
  • Generate annual reports about their personal vacations and sick leaves.

Supervisors can…

  • See approved vacations and leaves for all employees in their unit;
  • Add and remove employees from PAT;
  • Create custom vacation and leave balances for hourly staff;
  • Quickly generate annual leave statistics and summary reports for HR.


  • Tracks 6 different types of leave: vacation time, sick leave, time worked from home, time off in lieu, flex time, conferences;
  • Automatically designates leave as paid or unpaid based on employment group;
  • Creates calendars of current and upcoming leaves for all employees in a unit;
  • Generates annual reports on total vacation and sick leave hours;
  • Supports up to three different supervisor types (primary, view and edit, view only);
  • Displays potential carryover balance excesses before the year-end.