Telephone Conferencing

Did you know that you can bring your UBC Phone with you to any room, connect it to a network port, and immediately start a teleconference? If you feel that the audio quality of your UBC Phone is inadequate, you can book a Telephone Conferencing (Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831) system using the form below.

If you are interested in a more powerful conferencing tool, Arts ISIT recommends BlueJeans. This cloud-based video collaboration service is simple to use, provides a 1-888 toll-free phone number, and is free for UBC staff and faculty. By using an online conferencing tool, participants without telephones can still join using computers with Internet connections.

UBC IT also offers a paid option through TELUS, which supports audio and web-based collaboration. Access is granted through local and international toll-free numbers.

Getting Started

To host a telephone conference with your UBC Phone, visit UBC IT’s Voice Services and select your phone model for specific directions on how to get started.

To use BlueJeans, request the equipment through the form below and see their website for directions how to get started. You can also message us through the contact form for further information or support.

To purchase TELUS‘ teleconferencing package, visit UBC IT for pricing details and other information.