Video Conferencing

UBC Collaboration Suite (Skype for Business) is a comprehensive set of communication and collaboration tools for the UBC community. Use Skype for Business to efficiently carry out online team meetings from any device.

Key Features

  • Communication tools for units, such as instant messaging, screen-sharing, and file sending.
  • Join meetings using your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, room based systems.
  • Can accommodate up to 250 people.
  • Integrates with your FASmail account: schedule meetings directly from Outlook, with scheduling meetings in webmail coming in 2019.
  • Record meeting for future reference (available in Windows only).
  • Skype for Business complies with UBC Security Policies & Standards.

Skype for Business VS Skype Comparison

Skype for Business Skype

Amount of people per meeting:

Up to 250 20

FIPPA Compliant:

checkmark checkmark

Outlook and FASmail integration

checkmark checkmark

Limitations/ Known Issues

Please note the following known issues when using Skype for Business:

  • Meeting recording feature is not available on the Mac version of the software, Click here to see a comparison table for features available across different version of the software.
  • For Windows users, Outlook may suddenly be unable to send out emails, when both Outlook and Skype for Business are opened. You will see items being piled up in the Outlook outbox or a yellow banner in the Skype for Business app. To fix this, you will need to close both application and relaunch them on your computer.
  • If a Skype for Business meeting is done exclusively over the phone, one person in the group must input their PIN to start the meeting. This PIN is sent in a welcoming email when you first sign up for your account.
    • If a PIN has not been provided, you will hear the following over the phone: ‘The leader has not yet joined the meeting; please wait for the leader to admit you to the meeting.”
    • Leader refers to anyone with a PIN, if you have your PIN on hand, you can enter the PIN to admit yourself, as well as all waiting attendees, into the meeting.
    • If you are unable to access the PIN, and urgently need it to admit everyone, you can join the meeting using Skype web app or Skype app on a computer to admit everyone.
  • Please note that Skype only take “604” and “778” area codes when phones are used in a meeting (there are no 1800 toll free numbers available). Long distance charges may apply when calling from another area.

Getting Started

To get a UBC Skype for Business account, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Faculty / Staff member currently working at UBC
  • Have a FASmail account with the email address formatted as

Once these requirements are satisfied please contact the Arts Help Desk using the contact form in the “Need Help?” tab to request an account for access.

Please see the following guide for installing Skype for Business on your computer.

Instructions for Windows

Go to and download the file name ending with x86_en-us.exe. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to complete your Skype for Business installation. Please contact Arts Help Desk (contact form in the "Need Help" tab)  if you have any questions about the installation process.

You will only need to perform this step ones, after the software has been installed on your computer.

  1. Open Skype for Business on your computer,
    • if the desktop icon is unavailable, you can access it by going to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office 2013 for Skype for Business 2015 or Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office 2016 for Skype for Business 2016
  2. If your workstation is joined to EAD, you should be able to login and no further set-up is required. Please proceed to the next step if your workstation isn't joined to EAD
  3. In the Sign-in address box, enter your UBC email address ( and click on the Sign in button to continue

  1. A Password box will appear on the login screen. Enter your CWL password and click Sign In to continue.
  2. Skype for Business will ask you if you wish to save your login information. Click Yes.
  3. You will see an error message that indicates Skype for Business has failed to log you in; this error is expected in the set-up process. User name field will appear, in the box, enter your CWL username in the following format: "ead\<CWL username>"


  1. Skype for Business will ask you if you wish to save your login information. Click Yes.

Instructions for Mac

Follow the guide below to set up Skype for Business for your Mac.

  1. Go to to download the Skype for Business Mac client.
  2. Open the file and start installation. Click Continue to begin the installation.
  3. Agree to the terms of the software license agreement, then click continue
  4. Click Install to install the software on your computer. Additionally, you can change Install Location if you would like to install the software in a different location

You will only need to perform this step ones, after the software has been installed on your computer.

  1. On your Mac, navigate to the Applications folder. Locate and Launch Skype for Business.


  1. In the Login credential section, enter your UBC email address ( Afterwards, click on Advance Options to continue the set-up
  2. In the User Name section, specify the domain "EAD\" followed by your CWL. Afterwards, click Save.

  1. When you return to the main menu, click Continue. Provide your CWL password and click Sign in.

A comprehensive guide is available on UBC IT’s website to getting started with Skype for Business:

Skype for Business User guide for Windows: Click here to access the guide for Windows
Skype for Business User guide for Mac: Click here to access the guide for Mac
Video Walkthrough for Skype for Business: Click here to access the Video Tutorial
UBC Skype for Business FAQ: Click here to access the FAQ

For Mac users using Skype For Business, if participants cannot see or hear you, please perform the following.

1. Go to System Preferences, Security and Privacy
2. Go to Privacy tab, Camera, check the box for Skype for Business
3. Go to Privacy tab, Microphone, check the box for Skype for Business
4. Quit Skype for Business by pressing Command+Q on the Keyboard when it’s opened
5. Launch Skype for Business
6. If it still does not work, quit Skype for Business again and relaunch.