Publish Course Evaluation Results

Once course evaluation results have been released, you have the option to consent to publish your University Module scores. This makes results available to students and other members of the UBC community via the secure website TeachEval. UBC has made this possible in response to student requests, and in accordance with the UBC Vancouver Senate Policy on Student Evaluations of Teaching.

Key Features

Publishing your results:

  • Provides information on courses to students, and shows that their feedback is valued.
  • Encourages students to complete online evaluations for future courses.

Note that these scores can only be accessed via a secure website, requiring users to login with their CWL

Getting Started

By default, the setting for publishing course evaluation results is set for “No Release”.  However, to give your consent online, visit the Student Evaluation of Teaching website.  Select the ‘Results’ option at the top right and log in with your CWL. Under the “Consent to Publish” column, click on “PENDING” (or “NO”) to toggle to the “YES” option, which will give your consent to the publish results for that section and term.

Please note that consent must be provided individually for each course and section for which you wish to release results, and for each term. There is currently no mechanism to give blanket consent to release all your teaching evaluations.

1. What are the six University Module questions?

The six University Module questions (UMIs) are as follows:

UMI 1 – The instructor made it clear what students were expected to learn.
UMI 2 – The instructor communicated the subject matter effectively.
UMI 3 – The instructor helped inspire interest in learning the subject matter.
UMI 4 – Overall, evaluation of student learning (through exams, essays, presentations, etc.) was fair.
UMI 5 – The instructor showed concern for student learning.
UMI 6 – Overall, the instructor was an effective teacher.

These questions are included in all course evaluations, regardless of the course you are teaching or the faculty you belong to.

2. What if I do not want to publish my results?

Publishing your results is completely optional and by default this information is not made available to students and other members of the UBC community.  In order to publish your results, you need to login to TeachEval and give your consent.  Otherwise, this information will remain private.  That being said, the university strongly encourages instructors to share this information for the reasons mentioned above.

3. I do not see all of the courses that I was evaluated for listed in TeachEval

This may occur if not all of your grades have been submitted for the course(s) in question.  Please ensure that all of your grades have been submitted, before attempting to view and/or publish your results.  If your results are still not available after you have submitted all of your grades, please contact us at

For additional FAQs, please see the Student Evaluations of Teaching website.