Project Management Software

Do you need help managing a large project? Do you have multiple deadlines, overlapping tasks, and an overloaded inbox to organize? Or do you just need some advice on where to start? Try using Project Management Software to help organize your work.

When Do I Need Project Management Software?

  • When you’re managing a complex project with staggered deadlines, multiple team members, and stratified tasks;
  • When you’re working in a team with members located all around the world;
  • When you’re having trouble managing simultaneous projects;
  • When you want to track the time spent on each step of a complicated project;
  • When you’re teaching a course where students collaborate on research projects with surveys and interviews;
  • When you’re leading a seminar that requires timeline management and scheduling recurrent tasks for your students;
  • When you’re teaching a distance education course and need to facilitate real-time discussion with your students.

Arts ISIT has recommendations for project management programs, on the web and on your desktop. These management tools are intuitive, feature-packed, and used by industry leading organizations around the world, with clear pricing plans and user-friendly interfaces. If you need help deciding between online and desktop software, see below for a summary of their advantages.

Advantages of Online Software

  • Team-based collaboration in real time
  • Accessible anywhere with Internet

Advantages of Desktop Software

  • Free of charge
  • Accessible without Internet


Manage your projects with software used by established companies around the world: Wrike and ActiveCollab.


Wrike is an award winning project management tool that offers wide-ranging support, from individuals to large scale companies. It is also Arts ISIT’s top recommendation for project management. With Wrike, you can get started right away without needing to contact us. Just visit the website to see if their features are right for you, choose a plan, and start inviting team members to your project. With a clean and intuitive interface, you and your team will be able to start using Wrike to manage your project immediately. As your own administrator, you have the ability to create as many projects as you want, add or remove team members, and organize timelines. Other features include:

  • Real-time workspace, discussions, and document sharing
  • Timeline, workload, and deadline view
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling and calendars
  • Task dependencies, priorities, and categories
  • Task-oriented projects that allow users to customize project frameworks
  • Project duplication and recurrent tasks
  • Built-in stopwatch to track time spent on each task or project
  • Android and iOS apps available
  • XLS import/export support
  • Integration with Dropbox, Evernote, GitHub, WordPress, and more


  • Only need an email to register
  • Free for teams under 5 people
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Allows customized projects
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Can replace notes and reminders software


  • Hosted in USA, so it CANNOT store any Personal Information (e.g. student names, employee numbers, etc.)*


*See UBC’s Access and Privacy for more information about FIPPA.

How to download

Visit Wrike and register for a plan. No downloading necessary.


ActiveCollab is a more complex version of Wrike that also includes the option of “self-hosting.” This means that the user can set up their own server for the program, which means that you will be able to store and communicate Personal Information if you use a Canadian server. Arts ISIT can help with account setup, payment management, and server support. Self-hosting also includes “unlimited clients, unlimited projects, one free year of software updates, SSL support (for maximum security), and one free year of support via email, chat or phone” (see ActiveCollab‘s website for more information). Other features include:

  • Email and in-line notification
  • Project organization with tasks, due dates, category labels, priority settings
  • Time and expense reports, budgeting, payment summaries and reports, easy-to-generate invoices
  • Filtering by job status, client, project, personnel, date, group, and more
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling and calendars
  • File storage
  • Collaborative writing
  • iOS apps


  • Can store Personal Information/FIPPA compliant


  • Paid plans only
  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex interface
  • Self-hosting required to store Personal Information

How to download

Message us through the Contact form and note your interest in “ActiveCollab.”

Microsoft Visio and Project

Microsoft Project is a planning and collaboration tool that has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft applications, making it the ideal project management tool for Microsoft Office users. Microsoft Visio works in conjunction with Microsoft Project and allows you to create, review, and edit diagrams to illustrate complex data. Microsoft Project and Visio are not web-based services, which means that you can access your project even without an internet connection. However, this also means that team collaboration is NOT possible and the project can only be accessed on the designated computer.

As part of the UBC Microsoft Campus Agreement, Arts ISIT offers Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio free of charge. If your laptop is UBC owned or purchased, you can bring it to Buchanan C118 and Arts ISIT will install the programs for you. If you would like to use these programs on a UBC desktop computer, we can install them remotely or visit your office in person.

Other features include:

  • Sync with other Microsoft services
  • Task planning, resource allocation, cost efficiency summaries
  • Workflow creation
  • Budget management
  • Project proposal storage and idea pools

For system requirements, see here for Microsoft Visio and here for Microsoft Project. These products are only compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.


  • Free of charge
  • Available offline
  • Arts ISIT support with installation


  • Team collaboration not available
  • Only available on the computer it is downloaded on
  • Only available for UBC owned/purchased computers
  • Only available for Windows
  • Steep learning curve

How to download

Message us through the Contact form and note your interest in “Microsoft Visio” and/or “Microsoft Project.”