Preparing Course Evaluations

At the beginning of each academic term the Course Evaluation Team (within Arts ISIT) will notify each department/school/program of the timeline for preparing course evaluations for that period and will send out any necessary information. As of January 14, 2015, departments/schools/programs are able to indicate which sections, instructors and Teaching Assistants they would like evaluated, by marking them as such within the TeachEval website.  It is the department/school/program’s responsibility to ensure that all information is correct within this website by ensuring that the correct information has been entered into Scientia/Student Information System Centre (SISC).

Once the department/school/program has reviewed all of the sections it would like to have evaluated, they will then notify the Course Evaluation Team who will then extract those sections and upload them to CoursEval. Once the information is in CoursEval, the Course Evaluation Team can set up the teaching evaluations. Upon completion of setup, PDF copies of the surveys are sent to the Heads/Chairs/Directors of each department for their final review. At the same time, instructors and teaching assistants will receive an email directly from the CoursEval system notifying them of what has been setup for evaluation. The Course Evaluation Team, via the departments, receives and corrects any errors.

This section is intended as a guide to the process of preparing course evaluations.  Before proceeding, please ensure that you have Access to TeachEval/CoursEval.


Getting Started

Once you have access to the TeachEval system, you can login with your CWL credentials at

TeachEval-Login    Approve-Course-Sections

To access the page where you will be able to prepare your course evaluations, click on the “Approve Course Sections” option from the top-level navigation bar.

Note: If you do not see this option, please contact us at

Section Filters and How to Refresh your Course List

When you land on the “Approve Course Sections” page, there will be a number of drop-down fields that will need to be selected before you can click on the “Filter” button and view your course sections.  Please ensure the information is correct, before clicking Filter.


The “Filter” button will allow you to view the information that is already stored in TeachEval.  However, the “Refresh” button will pull the latest information from SISC.  Consequently, if you wish to see a recent change that has been made in TASM/SISC in TeachEval, you will need to click on the “Refresh” button.  It is similarly advisable to do so each time you login to ensure that you are always viewing the latest information.

Aside from the primary required drop-down filter options, there are also additional filters that can be found by clicking on the “+ More” button.  These filters are optional, but may be helpful for units with a large number of course sections.  In addition, please note that the table columns can be dragged and dropped to wherever is most convenient.

Marking Sections as Evaluate

Once you have set the filters for your course sections, you will then be able to confirm whether or not you would like an individual to be evaluated for a specific section by clicking on the box located to the left of the individual (or individuals) you would like to evaluate and then clicking on the “Evaluate” button.  You will notice that once this button has been selected, the “N” in the “Evaluate” row will change to a “Y”.  To confirm this decision, click on the “Reviewed” button.  To reverse this decision, click on the “Do Not Evaluate” or “Re-Open” buttons.  If any of the information is incorrect, it will need to be corrected in Scientia or TASM/SISC, and then the course sections in TeachEval will need to be “Refreshed” in order to display the changes.


Note: In order to evaluate a section, a minimum of 5 students must be enrolled or included in the survey (in the case of cross-listed sections)

Cross-Listed Sections

There are two types of cross-listed sections: those that are cross-listed before they appear in TeachEval and those that are cross-listed in TeachEval for the purposes of course evaluations.  The latter can be done for course sections that share the same assignments (instructors and TAs), period (year, session, and term), and are considered similar enough for combined feedback to be considered useful (for example, cross-listing a 100-level section with a 500-level section may not be helpful if the course content is substantially different).

To cross-list a section, ensure that all of the sections are set to “Open” and “Do Not Evaluate” and click on the “X” located within the Crosslist column.  A window will then appear displaying all of the sections that could potentially be cross-listed.  To cross-list those sections, simply click on the boxes located to the left of the section details and click on the “Okay” button.


You will then notice that the “X” in the Crosslist column has been replaced with the details of the cross-listed section.  By clicking on the “Evaluate” button for one row, all of those sections included in the Crosslist column will also be included in the selection.

If ever you need to uncross-list a column, the process is simply the reverse (i.e. select the course details from the Crosslist column, uncheck the boxes to the left of the course details and click on the Okay button).  However, please note that once a cross-departmental (or cross-faculty) cross-listing has been uncross-listed, it will not be possible to cross-list them again, even following a “Refresh”.  Before acting on any cross-departmental (or cross-faculty) cross-listing, it is recommended to contact that unit and coordinate the evaluation process with them.  Adding comments can also be useful for cross-departmental (or cross-faculty) cross-listed courses or other courses require special attention.

Adding Comments

Adding comments can be useful when working on course sections that are cross-listed across departments or faculties, as well as any other section requiring special attention.  Examples may include special instructions (ex. please evaluate this course separately from date A to B) or general comments (ex. As discussed with John Smith, Dept A will evaluate this course section).  To add a comment, simply click on the “N” located within the Comments column (the column with the “word box” icon).


A box will then appear where you can enter your comment, “Highlight” the section row, and click “OK” to save your comment.  You will notice that the “N” within the Comments column will now display a “Y”.  Flagging the section row by using the “Highlight” feature can be useful in drawing attention to the comment.  To read a comment, simply hover your mouse over the “Y” under the Comments column.

I received an error stating that an instructor or TA does not have a valid UBC email address

As of January 14, 2015, instructors and TAs without valid UBC email addresses will no longer receive emails from the CoursEval system (note: students receiving invitations to complete surveys are not affected by this change). Consequently, when marking certain instructors/TAs as “Evaluate” you may receive a notification that a particular individual does not have a valid UBC email address. This individual can still be evaluated, however, he or she will not receive any automated email messages from CoursEval, until they have provided a valid UBC email address as their primary contact on the Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal (

I received an error stating that an instructor or TA does not have a valid CWL username

As of July 8, 2015, those instructors/TAs who do not have a valid CWL username (or do not have their CWL associated with their employee ID) cannot be marked as “Evaluate.” In order for these individuals to be evaluated, they will need to have a CWL username created first, or they will need to associate their CWL with their employee ID. Once the above steps have taken place, the changes will take effect the following day. As a result, you will need to “refresh” the affected sections again. Once refreshed, you will be able to mark the affected sections as “Evaluate” and “REVIEWED.”

I have a course section that needs to be evaluated separately from those courses ending at the end of the term

In some cases, there may be sections that need to be evaluated earlier or later than the rest of your course sections. In these cases, please mark the sections accordingly in TeachEval and then notify the Course Evaluation Team at at least one week prior to the desired survey dates; this is to ensure that enough time is provided to setup the survey(s). Information contained within the email should include the course number (i.e. SUBJ 100 001), term (ex. 2014W2), instructor/TA name (no need to include the employee ID), and desired survey dates (ex. March 1-8, 2015).

I would like an instructor’s/TA’s preferred name to be displayed on the surveys as opposed to their legal name

If an instructor or TA would like to have their preferred name listed as opposed to their full legal name, the individual must enter this information in the Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal ( under “Personal Summary”. Once added, the preferred name will be downloaded from HRMS and will update TeachEval accordingly. Once refreshed, this information can be carried over into CoursEval.

What questions are asked on the surveys and are we able to modify them?

Course evaluations will consist of 6 University Module Items (UMI), 6 Faculty of Arts questions, and 2 Faculty of Arts comment questions; the latter of which can be replaced by departmental questions.  Only the departmental questions can be changed.  To request a copy of your departments survey or to request modifications to your existing questions, please contact us at