Video Recording for Peer Review of Teaching

As discussed in the Faculty of Arts Peer Review of Teaching Guidelines and workshops, video capture can be a useful tool for summative and formative peer reviews of teaching. Arts ISIT can help facilitate this process by either recording the session for you or providing you with the means to do it yourself.

Key Features

Let Us Do It for You

  • Session is recorded by one of our AV Technicians if one is available. Please note that the nature of a video recording requires the technician to be present for the entire duration. To make this work without negatively impacting our main job duty of classroom support, we cannot accommodate more than one shoot at any given time.
  • Video is password-protected and uploaded to a UBC streaming server.
  • Video is automatically removed within 90 days or by a specified date.

Do It Yourself

  • Come and pick up one of our high-quality video recorders.
  • Arts ISIT provides training on how to set it up and record. Please ensure someone will be watching the camera in case it shuts off or the camera stops working. Do not leave the camera unattended.
  • Once completed, return it back to us, and we will upload the video to a UBC streaming server.

Getting Started

If you are interested in proceeding with either of the above options, or if you have any questions, please fill out the appropriate form below.