Push and synchronize post feeds in a centralized blog space.
NSync is a plugin in WordPress created as a way to compile posts from various blog sources into one centralized hub. Empower students to contribute to collaborative projects while giving them the opportunity to develop their own personal blogs.

How does NSync work?

Instructors can create a blog dedicated for a class (“main hub”), then invite students as users to the class blog. When students create a post, they have the option to also publish it to their class blog if the NSync plugin is enabled. The following steps describe the process of pushing a post to the centralized blog space:

Create Post

Create a new post in the source blog (e.g. student’s own blog).


Categorize the post accordingly with the centralized blog.

Push to Publish

Select the blog(s) you wish to also publish your post to.


View your new post on all the blog(s) you have published to.

How can NSync help me?

The NSync plugin can be used as a tool to organize and compile posts from different blog sources into a centralized blog space. This creates an opportunity for students to create their own personal blog and develop technical skills. By creating a centralized hub for students to contribute their ideas and opinions, it promotes a sense of community and scholarship. Additionally, this tool cuts down on time spent searching and scrolling through individual student’s or contributor’s, making grading and reviewing of student’s work more efficient.

Below are some examples of collaborative projects in which this tool can enhance your blog:

  • ePortfolio
  • Resource Repository
  • Experiential Learning Reflections
  • Debate Discussion
  • Wiki Topics


  • Synchronizes class discussion or posts in a centralized space.
  • Easy to publish posts with one click of a button.
  • Easier for grading purposes as all the posts are compiled together.
  • As students contribute posts from term to term, the knowledge continues building and can act as a resource repository for others.
  • Students have ownership of their own blogs so they will continue to have access to it after the course ends, in addition to customizing their own personal blogs.
  • The instructor has the ability to control who gets to push feeds to the course blog and when to discontinue this.


  • Set up time is required and instructor must provide clear instructions on how to use categories for it to be organized properly.
  • Pre-planning is required if instructor is considering on feeding various type of posts into different pages.


  • Available as a UBC Blogs plugin.

Tips for using NSync in your blog


  • You can restrict source post categories to the ones already on your blog and pre-determine where these posts should appear in your course blog (e.g. different topics, section, assignments.
  • You can also have students be the creators of the categories and push them to the course blog. Provide clear instructions and guidelines if you choose to do this to keep the categories organized and avoid duplication.



Getting Started

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