Convert Old Tapes to Digital Formats

Analogue Storage Media

Storage media such as VHS and cassette tapes are now considered obsolete in favour of digital, disk-based media such as hard disks, CDs, and DVDs. These obsolete “analogue” storage media are more vulnerable to physical degradation over time, with significant decrease in the quality and fidelity of the content. The digital realm, whilst not indestructible, maintains the quality of the content no matter the age of the physical medium. As long as you have the content backed up on multiple digital storage mediums, your media content is effectively guaranteed to last forever.

Nowadays, even CDs and DVDs are falling out of favour in comparison to disk-based storage. Given the increasing capacities of laptop storage drives, it is becoming progressively feasible to store audio, video, and photo libraries on our portable devices, and laptops no longer need to be manufactured with heavy CD and DVD drives.

File Conversion

Arts ISIT can assist with converting your tape-based media into the digital realm using our professional equipment, and converting digital content on CDs and DVDs for playback on computers, tablets, and smartphones. We also have a professional, high-resolution scanner for converting photographs and documents into the digital realm for prolonged storage. Photos and documents containing sensitive content can be converted into encrypted, password-protected PDF files for safekeeping.

Conversion Formats

Convert From To
VHS DVDs and/or Digital Files (e.g. MP4)
Audio Cassettes Digital Files (e.g. lossless WAV or lossy MP3)
Printed Photographs and Documents Digital Files (e.g. JPG or PDF)
DVD or VCD Digital Files (e.g. MP4)
CD Digital Files (e.g. lossless WAV or lossy MP3)