Intro to Arts Evaluation & Learning Analytics

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The Arts Evaluation & Learning Analytics team partners with individuals and groups in the Faculty of Arts to pursue a wide variety of learning analytics projects and studies. The Society for Learning Analytics Research (SOLAR) defines learning analytics as

the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which learning occurs.

To see a range of examples of learning analytics use cases at other universities, visit this page.

Would more or better data, or better ways of seeing your data, improve your teaching? Does your department, program or unit have questions about the enrollment pathways students take towards their degrees? Would your curriculum planning process be illuminated by accurate statistics on student achievement or dropout rates?

Network analysis of student engagement in an online forum.

Network analysis of student engagement in an online forum.

Can you track impact of course or curriculum redesign or teaching innovation through analysis of changes in student success? Can interactive visualizations help you better see and understand trends and patterns in data about your students?

Text analysis


Here in the Faculty of Arts, Arts ISIT has developed and maintains the Arts Datamart, a data warehouse and relational database that securely houses Arts data from:

  • UBC’s Student Information System (SIS) (enrollments, grades, specializations, demographics)
  • UBC’s Student Evaluation of Teaching system
  • User activity data from UBC’s enterprise learning systems

Visualization of course enrollment patterns and pathways

…and we also work with custom data extracts from other tools and sources.



We make use of applications such as:

…to analyze and visualize data.

To request custom reports or visualization, partner on an analytics project, or learn more about learning analytics projects and research in Arts, contact:

Arts ISIT Evaluation & Learning Analytics Team