Improving or Creating a Database

How can I better manage my records?

Databases can be any collection of information, from contact records to images, inventory to help guides. Sometimes, these records are scattered across emails and Excel documents, which makes it hard to retrieve and navigate growing bodies of data. For others, their existing database management systems are out of date, difficult to use, and incompatible with new technologies.

Arts  ISIT provides two streams of support for database management: consultations and solutions.

Consultation Services

  • Recommendations for other database solutions that are more powerful, cheaper, or free;
  • Assistance on how to improve and streamline existing databases;
  • Ways to manage existing collections of files or records with programs and web platforms;
  • Setting up databases for upcoming special events or projects;
  • Consolidating large collections of multimedia files into an online database.

Database Solutions

  • Organizing and storing equipment catalogues;
  • Managing personalized bookings and schedules where users enter their availability and administrators oversee their appointments (e.g. organizing auditions, scheduling interviews, booking participants for clinical trials, etc.);
  • Importing or exporting data from external sources, such as Student Information Centre, course evaluation systems, or other UBC IT databases;
  • Migrating web content to new databases, sites, or hosts;
  • Setting up databases from scattered records, such as emails or Excel documents;
  • Accessing content from private databases and making it available to the public through a website;
  • Restoring or retrieving data.

Sample Databases

Getting Started

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