Engage students and stimulate discussion with real time multiple choice questions (and much more).

Integrating clicker questions into your course can help to increase student engagement by giving students more opportunities to actively check their understanding of the material and discuss it with classmates. iClicker provides a simple tool that is fully supported and integrates with Canvas, making it easy to start integrating these type of activities into your class.

Interested in asking more than just multiple choice questions? iClicker Cloud offers the flexibility of asking short answer, numeric, and target type questions from mobile devices.

How does iClicker work?

iClickers are wireless handheld devices or web-based application that allow students to press a button to respond to multiple choice based polls and quizzes that are projected on a screen during class. After students respond to a question, individual student responses are recorded to the instructors computer and then the anonymized class distribution of answers is projected to the screen. After the responses are displayed instructors can use the results to stimulate class discussion or go over the explanation that leads to the correct answer.



Pose a question

Create a question (i.e. multiple choice, short answer, numeric, or target).



Students respond with an iClicker remote (Classic) or mobile device (Cloud).


Track Performance

See and record results instantly!



Display results to promote discussion and activity.

How can iClicker help me?

Using iClicker helps to increase the level of student engagement in a large enrolment class through intentional design of questions and activities that require student responses (hence Response Systems). iClicker also can help an instructor in the following ways:

  • gauge the level of knowledge of the students at the beginning of class or provide accountability for completing out of class readings or online work
  • gauge how the level of knowledge has changed as a result of class activities
  • determine distribution of views of students on a topic, or a case study to stimulate discussion
  • use clickers to administer short quizzes to reduce marking.
  • discuss problems with classmates to encourage peer learning


  • You can insert questions into existing PowerPoint presentations to easily integrate questions into lectures.
  • iClicker is fully integrated with UBC System.
  • Students have the option to purchase an iClicker remote and use it for multiple classes or they may use their mobile device or laptop to respond to questions via iClicker Cloud.
  • You can upload the grades directly to Canvas to give students credit for their responses. This can be done either for correct answers (quizzes) or for participation and attendance.


  • Students must pay for a subscription for iClicker Reef (starting at $19.50) or must purchase a remote for iClicker Classic, whereas Top Hat is free for Faculty of Arts. For a full iClicker price list, please visit the iClicker website.
  • The iClicker Classic questions are limited to multiple choice questions.
  • Students must purchase the iClicker (Classic) remote should they wish to use a handheld device as opposed to mobile device(s).
  • The iClicker Classic (formerly known as iClicker 7) software cannot easily compare the results of two different questions (or the same question repeated) during the class session.
ContactIcons_ideas   Learn more about how to use iClicker and other Classroom Response Systems on our ideas and strategies page found here.


  • The iClicker software is fully integrated with Canvas, allowing you to upload responses stored on the instructor computer directly into the Canvas Gradebook to track responses for grades or participation.
  • The iClicker instructor kit (which includes the instructor remote, iClicker software and base unit) are free for instructors to check out from the Arts ISIT Learning Centre.
  • Most classrooms are equipped with the instructor base unit already. Arts ISIT staff can help assess whether your room has the necessary equipment and help to make sure you have the software set up on your computer.


  • Students will respond better to using iClickers if they feel the questions provide useful feedback and learning opportunities and are not being used just to mark attendance.
  • Use clickers to give participation points or provide responses for in class activities. Focus more time on teaching and interacting with students and less time on paperwork and grading.
  • Provide questions and answers to students after class (or post them online) for students to review.
  • Check to see if students understand material from previous classes or out of class readings and then provide more focused reviews at the start of class before moving on.
  • Use clickers to assist in readiness checking for team based learning activities.
  • Use before and after questions to see how much students have learned during a lesson and if there are still gaps in understanding.

iClicker Cloud


REEF Education

iClicker Cloud (formerly known as REEF Education or REEF Polling) is an integrative polling system that improves the classroom response experience. Instructors are able to use multiple choice, numeric, and short answer questions while easily keeping track of attendance and performance. Students can choose between using an i>Clicker remote or their personal device (cellphone, iPad, laptop, etc) and review previous questions as a study tool.

More information can also be found on the iClicker Cloud website.

Getting Started

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