How to Associate Employee Numbers with CWL

Associating your employee number with your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) account is an important process as it verifies that you are an employee in the UBC Directory, rather than a student. It opens up a wide variety of university services, such as IT support, equipment and room bookings, and discounted software licences.

Note that UBC-licenced software is usually only available on computers owned by the university. The computer is considered to be “UBC owned” if it:

  • Has been purchased with UBC, UBC Department Funds, or UBC Research Grants;
  • Does not belong to the user personally and is therefore not for the user to keep.

You may have the option to purchase the computer from your department, depending on departmental policy. If so, the computer is no longer considered to be owned by UBC for the purposes of this agreement.


Logging In

First, visit UBC myAccount and enter your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) credentials.

ISIT - Workspace - 00

Checking Your Affiliations

To see if your employee number has been properly assigned to your account, look under the “Affiliation(s)” box for the associated field. If you see your employee number here, then it has already been attached to your CWL.  Otherwise, click the “Employee/Student Number” menu item on the lefthand side.

Adding Your Employee Number

Under “New Affiliation Type,” select “Employee.” You will be prompted to enter your birth date, employee number, and CWL Signup Pin, which will be provided by your department administrator. Click “Add” to submit the information. The request is successful when your number appears under “Current Affiliations.”

ISIT - Workspace - 02

If you have any questions about associating your employee number with your CWL account, see the FAQ or message us through the contact form.