Storing Files on the UBC Network

What is Home Drive?


The Home Drive Storage Service is UBC IT’s private cloud storage service. It allows users to securely store their personal files on a central network. The data in your Home Drive is secured using your Campus Wide Login (CWL) account, which means only your CWL account can view or access the data in your Home Drive. If you need to share the content of your Home Drive with others, it will need to be copied to an alternate location and shared using another service (see Sharing Files with Your Team and Person-to-Person Filesharing).


  • Why: You want to back up your files onto the UBC network, but you do not need to share them with others.
  • Features: Home Drive is a private file storage service that is specifically meant for personal use. This service works just like a USB, except your files will be backed up once they have been copy and pasted into the drive. It is only available to UBC employees with an active employee ID and Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) account.
  • Pricing: Free for UBC employees for up to 20GB. Paid options for additional space.


  • If you accidentally delete any files on the drive, they can be easily recovered through UBC IT or Arts ISIT. All files are protected through daily backups, allowing data recovery as far back as 28 days.
  • Since it is based at UBC, it can be used to store business files and student information, without violating security policies (see Policy #104). It is also available for incidental personal uses.
  • Files are stored in the UBC servers, so you do not have to hold on to them physically. If you lose or damage your computer, your data stays safe.
  • Home Drive can be used just like a USB, except files are automatically backed up to the UBC network and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. No physical drive is needed.


  • Files must be copied and transferred individually into the drive in order to be backed up.
  • Home Drive is only accessible when your computer is connected to myVPN.

Using Home Drive


  1. Visit UBC IT to see if the Home Drive Storage Service is right for you.
  2. See the documentation on how to set up Home Drive for your specific operating system.
  3. If you have any questions or require assistance, see the FAQ or message us through the contact form for support.
  4. To access this service on multiple computers, contact Arts ISIT and we will help with the setup.

Restore a File

If you need help restoring a file or folder that you’ve deleted from your Home Drive within the last 28 days, you can refer to UBC IT’s documentation on how to restore a file or message us through the contact form for further assistance.