Examples and Resources

Recommended Reading

The following resources are some of the best and most-cited sources in ePortfolio scholarship, and are highly recommended for instructors wishing a more in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the pedagogical value of integrating online portfolios. The C2L website in particular is a rich and useful resource, as it brings together research, case studies, recommendations, and resources focused on assessment, design and professional development.

Sample Assignments

These classroom-tested assignments provide a taste of the ways in which Arts faculty members at UBC and elsewhere have integrated ePortfolios into their undergraduate courses.

Sample Rubrics

Rubrics can be useful for courses with ePortfolio components, because rubrics help students to understand what is expected of their work. Note that rubrics can be compatible with holistic grading practices; that is, not every rubric must allocate a particular number of points to each category — for example, see the Auburn University ePortfolio rubric.

Sample Activities

In-class activities can help students to discover their ‘sticking points’ or gaps in understanding in a supported environment. We recommend scaffolding your assignment with a mix of in-class and homework-based activities to advance learning incrementally. (More information, expand section “Scaffold your assignment” )

Other Links & Resources