Accepting Payments Online

Interested in collecting payments using credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or Interac Online for conferences, events, and/or other products and services? UBC ePayment is a service offered by UBC IT that allows departments to process such financial transactions online. These transactions are automatically deposited or withdrawn from the department’s speedchart, as the service is integrated with the UBC Financial Management System (FMS). Using the ePayment plugin available in WordPress, you can create a website to host information about your product or service and provide a means for users to make payments online. This can be accomplished via a simple gravity form or, for multiple product offerings, by using the Shopping Cart plugin.

How do I get started?

1. Create a Secure Website

If you do not already have one, your first step will be to create a website.

Note: Websites that utilize the ePayment plugin will require a domain that ends with, as UBC maintains a secure site certificate for these domains (which is required in order for the plugin to process payments).  Consequently, if your existing website has an alternative ending (ex. “”), please submit a website request so that we can create a separate site for payment purposes.

2. Download and Complete the UBC ePayment Forms

In order to utilize the ePayment plugin, you will need to request a merchant account.  This can be done by downloading and completing the Web Service Account Setup and Administrative System Access forms, which are available on the ePayment Web Service Setup Request page.

Note: Prior to completing the forms, you must contact your Department Administrator and Steven Lee ( from the Arts Finance Group.  They will provide you with the information required to complete the forms as well as additional details regarding ePayment and the process of collecting payments online.  Once the forms have been completed, they can be emailed to the ePayment Support Team at

3. Setup your cart/form and start collecting payments!

Once your merchant account has been approved and your payment form and/or product information have been setup on your website, please notify your Department Administrator and Steven Lee ( from the Arts Finance Group.  They will need to confirm that the merchant account and GL information have been entered correctly and that any required fees such as GST and PST are being accounted for.  Once confirmed, you can start advertising your new website and begin collecting payments!

Note: Once you begin collecting payments, it is your responsibility to regularly monitor and reconcile these payments to ensure that each transaction is accounted for and is being transferred to the appropriate FMS codes.  Transactional receipts can be requested from the ePayment Support Team at



Where do I find my FMS account information?

For information on the FMS account used by your unit, please contact your Department Administrator and Steven Lee ( from the Arts Finance Group.

My website has been created, but I am unsure of how to complete the fields under UBC e-Payment Settings.

The first 3 fields will be provided to you when your web service account has been created.  You will then need to specify whether or not your site is in production or testing (“Verification”) mode.  Finally, you will need to indicate which forms are to be associated with the ePayments plugin and confirm your GL Account Info.

Note: An example of the formatting for these fields can be found on the ePayment website.  This information must be correct in order for transactions to be properly deposited/withdrawn from your speedchart.